Pastor Josh Belt once joked about a hidden beatitude that was lost from Matthew 5, "Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not snap."

Starting out in small church gigs full of unforeseen circumstances while also being full-time college students has given us a keen ability to adapt ourselves to the situation at hand.

When you call on Levi Square for your worship service or conference, we do not treat it like a concert; it's your church. We work hard to mold our style to meet the needs of your congregation. We try to harmonize our music choices with the theme of the sermon. Further, it is our conviction that the pastor is in charge even over our song list; if he says so, we change our plans.

We know how to bend, and we always give our absolute best no matter the circumstances. We give that to God, and He always makes everything work.


You want a quality band, but you have a tight budget? We get it. We are likely the most inexpensive band you will ever work with. Our prices are flexible to fit your specific event. We have even provided our services to non-profit organizations like Louisiana Right to Life.

We have cut out the middle-man companies such as a record label, production companies, publishers, administrators, and everyone else grabbing desperately for a quick buck. That's how you get Levi Square for a price you could hardly imagine possible. So there's no reason not to give us a try!

Authenticity and Individuality

There's enough fake in the world, and we don't want to be a part of that. And don't you get tired of hearing the same thing over and over again?

We do not imitate the most recent worship music millionaires. Levi Square will be a music experience like you've never seen before and will never find anywhere else. We will be real, and we will be different.


We are a family. Community is embedded in the heart of Levi Square. Recruit us for your youth conferences and we will prove it. We don't just play the worship set and hang out in the green room for the rest of the time; we listen to the message. During free-time, we try to find opportunities to build relationships with the students.

It's not just a gig for us; this is a ministry.

Ability and Spirituality

There is a delicate balance between the hands and the heart; both are necessary yet cannot stand alone. With Levi Square, you do not have to choose one or the other.

Levi Square has members of various levels of musical training, going all the way up to graduate school in music. Why is this important? Because you probably don't want to hear the same four chords and the CCLI top 50 chart over and over again. We provide more creativity that that. Our skills allow us to handcraft intentional song sets that go deep.

Of course, the technical side of things needs to be balanced out by the spiritual side;  this ministry requires anointing, not just talent. The perspectives of the non-majors in Levi Square are very helpful in counteracting the overly-analytical tendencies of the majors. More importantly, 100% of this band is made up of strong Christians who are always seeking God and ever-growing closer to Him and to each other as a family.

Music is an art and a power given by God that some do not know how to fully use, and a college degree does not necessarily provide a solution. Rest assured, we in Levi Square are continually learning and seeking out ways to use this power rightly for the glory of God and the benefit of believers.

Simply put, Levi Square is different.

You might just want to see this for yourself.